The Coco Club

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The reputation of The Coco Club continues to grow, and is welcomed back to the art deco style Stag Plaza for its Valentine's Dance.

Drift back to the 1930s, and a golden age of Dance Band music. Take to the floor and dance to Empire Radio playing the original recordings of the fabulous orchestras of Jack Hylton, Carroll Gibbons, Ambrose and Lew Stone, and singers like Al Bowlly.

The highlight of the night will be three performances by the sensational Brandyn Shaw and his Rhythm Makers.

Glamour is a byword for this era, and so The Coco Club clientele is always very glamorously dressed, (black-tie, evening or cocktail dress are encouraged), and this, combined with the music and dancing, provides a truly memorable atmosphere.

This very friendly night successfully integrates people of all age groups, and the level of dancing is varied, so anyone can move around the floor just as it suits them. There are also several very eventful novelty dances that have become firm favourites!

A night to be remembered.

Venue: Stag Plaza

Tickets: £18.00

A £2 administration fee is charged per sale 



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