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Live comedy is an experience like no other. Every live event will have a one off specialness about it that will only happen in that moment. It could be one
of our numerous unannounced special guests trying something out for a TV show, or it could be a perfect collaboration between the audience and the performer that would be unique and only privy to those who were there! You don't get that watching old re-runs on TV. Come and see Stand Up Comedy how it's meant to be and you can say "I was there when..."

This performance hosts:
Ed Gamble - Well known for co-presenting the Peacock and Gamble Podcast. He's been performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival since 2011; has appeared regularly on Mock the Week and is currently previewing his new show Stampede.

Pete Firman - An eclectic mix of magician, comedian and television presenter. Since his debut in Monkey Magic in 2003 Pete has gone on to star in 'Dirty Tricks', 'Derren Brown's 3D Magical Spectacular' and 'The Secret World of Magic'. He regularly makes guest appearances on Television and is a regular star at the Edinburgh Comedy Festival.

‘The man from Middlesbrough sets the pace for comedy-meets-magic in the 21st century’

‘The new poster-boy for British comedy magic’

Please note acts are subject to change

Ed Gamble, Pete Firman


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