Stimela The Musical

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Stimela "The Gumboot" Musical NAMED after a brand of gumboot this is a terrific show!

Stimela "The Gumboot" Musical gumboot dancing. This show is an energetic, noisy and sweaty contribution to that tradition.
Loosely linked by an old man’s reminiscences of his days in the mines, to which many men were drawn from the townships, the dance routines and songs tell of the miner's back breaking work, their longing for home and the way in which their songs and those gumboot dances eased the pain.
The thigh-slapping boot stomping routines are backed by a three-piece band and accompanied by glorious choral singing in the style of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.


Venue : Stag Theatre

Tickets : 

June 22 - £15 all tickets

June 23 - £20 full, £10 Children, £15 Seniors, Students, FoS & Partner Organisations



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