The Tommy Cooper Show

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"Just like that!!" Daniel Taylor presents his brilliant tribute show tracing the life & times of Britain’s best-loved comic & magician and featuring Tommy's favourite tricks and sketches.

"The true impact of The Tommy Cooper Show is best gauged by the ovation of an audience who have spent the duration of the show utterly entranced by this portrayal and laughing along as if the great man was actually present in the room with us. This is essential viewing for those who loved and remember Tommy Cooper, as indeed it is for those who may never have seen him as it is difficult to conceive of a better recreation of such a unique and memorable character." - British Theatre Guide

“Extremely Funny....A tour de force” - Chris Bleach, Chairman of The Tommy Cooper Society


Venue : Sackville Theatre, Sevenoaks School

Ticket Prices : £17 Full, £15.00 Seniors' Students under 21 in full time education





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