Hiring the Stag

The Stag Sevenoaks is a charity and therefore runs on a not-for-profit basis. In simple terms, this means hirers get full-service access to the Stag’s facilities and keep the vast majority of the ticket sales. Call that a win-win situation? You should.

On this page you’ll find what you need to know about hiring the facilities at the Stag and who you can call for more information.

To discuss your requirements further, please contact:

Business Development Manager – Lisa Whitbread: 07541 962648 or Lisa.Whitbread@stagsevenoaks.co.uk

Events Planning Manager – Danielle Chapman: danielle.chapman@stagsevenoaks.co.uk

Marketing Services – Andrew Lilley: Marketing@stagsevenoaks.co.uk

Technical Manager – Sam Gilham: operations@stagsevenoaks.co.uk


Hirer information

Marketing Services

Brand Identity Guide 

Events Brouchure Image and Standards Guide 

Technical Information

House Light details

Technical Specifications

House Rig

Stage Plan

Patch Layout

Dimmer Channel Layout

DMX Distribution

Fixtures Attributes

Intercom Points


Cue Lights

Dip Positions


PRS Forms

Variety ; Popular ; Plays ; Classical

Venue details

Please contact the theatre for details of pricing

Hire Space

Capacity / details

Stag Theatre* 450
Stag Plaza*
(Room hire only, please ask
for further information for use as
theatre space, dining etc)
up to 300 (with stage, standing only)

150 (lecture)
156 (banquet dining)

Special rates for children’s parties

Speak to our Business Development Manager about the flexibility of the Stag Plaza (Lisa Whitbread (lisa.whitbread@stagsevenoaks.co.uk) or 01732 466181)

Cinema One – private hire 128 seats plus one dedicated wheelchair space
Cinema Two – private hire 110 seats plus one dedicated wheelchair space
Bar / conference room
(includes breakout foyer)
60 (small group meeting)
70 (lecture format)
90 (standing bar use)


General Terms and conditions

If you need more information then please contact our operations team or ask them for a copy of our terms and conditions.