11 The Close-Up Show

Release Date

Fri 22nd September


Live Show

Run Time


Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Fri 9th February


Fri 2nd March


Fri 13th April



1 NIGHT, 3 MAGICIANS, 3 TABLES An intimate evening of close-up magic, trickery and sleight of hand. Close-up magic is one of the most popular and impressive forms of the art and this event showcases some of the best exponents. With performers direct from the sell-out shows at The Magic Circle, a strictly limited audience will meet them and experience the magic in an intimate setting, often taking part themselves. An amazing collection of close-up magicians presenting superlative magic right before your very eyes. Seeing IS believing! Tickets: £18.50 - Standard. *Please note a £2.50 administration fee is charged per sale.