24 A Cocktail Pianist

Release Date

Fri 16th March


Live Show

Run Time


Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Fri 16th March



Internationally renowned pianist Mike Hatchard performs this one man musical play about Bernard Halfpen - the almost invisible pianist at the Luton Skyport Hotel. As he plays his melodies, he reveals a dark past and how he might have been a great concert pianist had fate not had other plans. The original score reflects how Bernard overcomes his fear of numbers, untimely seductions, too much education, a dabble into alcoholism and an inability to cope with the pressure of piano competitions. Always musically compelling, frequently amusing, but often deeply serious and tender. The Cocktail Pianist premiered at the Brighton Festival where FringeReview named it as “Highly Recommended” Tickets: £15.00 - Standard £10.00 - Child. *Please note a £2.00 administration fee is charged per sale.