26 I, Floyd: Just Nod If You Can Hear Me

Release Date

Sat 17th March


Live Show

Run Time


Showtimes for Stag Theatre :


Re-live the sounds and atmosphere of "Pink Floyd's" shows with "I, Floyd"! Two and half hours of "Pink Floyd's" music expertly recreated, stunning sound and a lavish light show - that's the treat in store from "I, Floyd's" sixth visit to the Stag. With singing and playing that could pass for the originals, "I, Floyd" are as close as it gets to the real thing. ln a packed programme, everyone's favourites are there but shot through with less familiar gems, like "Fat Old Sun", and a super-sized helping of saxophone, including "The Gunner's Dream". Longtime aficionado or newcomer to "Pink Floyd's music", you will be blown away. Look forward to stadium sound and a breath-taking light show - just like "Pink Floyd". Tickets: £16.50. *Please note a £2.00 administration fee is charged per sale.