Poetry and the Pity of War

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Sun 11th November


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Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Sun 11th November



Poet and sculptor Ev. Meynell takes a fascinating look at how hundreds of soldiers were inspired to become poets in the First World War. He will be reading some of their best known works and exploring the poetic qualities that have made them so memorable, as well as revisiting verses by other, largely forgotten, soldier poets, from England and abroad.

The talk will focus on the range of attitudes towards the war and the degree to which a mastery of poetic expression was vital in communicating their responses.

Ev Meynell received an M.A. in English Literature from Oxford and taught at Judd School before becoming a full time sculptor. He has also been a lecturer at West Kent College for a number of years. His sculptures include a public commission for Tonbridge 'On the Map', among many others.

Ev comes from a literary family: His great grandmother was the poet Alice Meynell whose attitude to the war was positive, in stark contrast with her son, the poet Francis Meynell, who was jailed as a conscientious objector.

Part of the Sevenoaks Remembers Arts Festival