Six/Be More Chill/Bat Out Of Hell West End Workshop

Release Date

Sat 17th October



Run Time


Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Sat 17th October



Six/Be More Chill/Bat Out Of Hell West End Workshop with Courtney Stapleton, 'Six', 'Dear Evan Hansen', 'Bat Out Of Hell', 'Mamma Mia' and Eloise Davies, 'Be More Chill, 'Grease

The West End Workshop series will bring some of musical theatre's most talented artists and creatives to the Stag Theatre, for face to face workshops with young performers!

A half day dance and performance workshop with Courtney Stapleton, who's credits include 'Six', 'Dear Evan Hansen', 'Bat Out Of Hell' and 'Mamma Mia', and Eloise Davies, from 'Be More Chill' and 'Grease'.

The workshop will include a warm up, technique and teaching routines from 'Six', 'Be More Chill' and 'Bat Out Of Hell'. At the end of the session, participants will have time for a Q&A session with the workshop leaders, to find out more about working in the industry.

Ideally students will have a good knowledge of dance. The course will be strictly limited to 15 participants, each working in individual safely marked out areas on stage at the Stag.

Saturday 17 October (on stage)

10am-1.30pm 11-14 years | Workshop Fee £40

2pm-6pm 15 years + | Workshop Fee £40

*booking fee's apply