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Soul of a Woman

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Saturday, April 23rd

Soul of a Woman

Soul of a Woman

Venue: Stag Theatre

Powerful, professional and an unrivalled performance, Soul of a Woman is more than a show – it's showstopping!

Celebrating the inspirational and iconic female voices of soul's hall of fame, this eight-piece group are simply phenomenal. Hear the haunting melodies of Etta James, Billy Holiday and Whitney Houston, the unmistakable symphonies of Dusty Springfield and Chaka Khan, and feel the hairs on the back of your neck tingle at the acoustic arrangements of Adele and Aretha.

Lead vocalist Stephanie Whitelock, together with her sensational band, captures the sound, soul and strength of songs from legendary artists spanning generations.

Your feet will tap from the moment you arrive, your body will dance, adrenalin pump and your heart skip a beat. Close your eyes and you'll travel through time, transported by the beats of a beautiful musical arrangement.

This will be more than a night to remember.

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  • Running time 135 Minutes