The Princess of Trébizonde

Release Date

Thu 18th November


Live Show

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Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Thu 18th November



The Princess of Trébizonde

Opéra-bouffe by Jacques Offenbach

NSO Chorus, St Paul's Sinfonia, Conductor Toby Purser, Director/Designer Tony Baker, Choreographer Eleanor Strutt. Cast includes Chiara Vinci (Zanetta), Anthony Flaum (Tremolini), Paul Featherstone(Casimir), Simon Thorpe (Cabriolo).

Live opera - fully staged - new English translation

A wonderfully zany French masterpiece with sparkling music. In a travelling circus, the dancer Zanetta dusting a waxwork of Princess Trébizonde accidentally breaks off its nose. So she installs herself in its position, impersonating the statue. A visiting prince falls in love with the “waxwork”… A talented cast bring this hilarious farce to life.

“U Certificate”!

“Oh that all opéra bouffe could be delivered with such panache.” - Planet Hugill

“Delightful: this is the way to treat Offenbach” - Rupert Christiansen

“From the first bar this production had it in the bag” -Jacques Offenbach Society Review(Reviews of NSO's La Belle Hélène 2019)

Chiara Vinci Chiara Vinci

Anthony Flaum Anthony Flaum

Paul Featherstone Paul Featherstone

Simon Thorpe Simon Thorpe