The Story of Love in the Harbour

Release Date

Fri 10th April


Live Show

Run Time


Showtimes for Stag Theatre :

Fri 10th April



Venue: Stag Theatre

Based on an original play by Eddie Alford, “The Story of Love in the Harbour” is a moving musical dramatization of the romance between George McElroy, a British RAF officer and Grace Guinan, a young Irish girl, who fight with passion to preserve their love at a time of huge change and turmoil.

Set in WW1 on the front-line in France and in rural Ireland, the action is conveyed through stirring scene enactments on stage, compelling narration and vivid images of the period – all designed to inspire and move the audience.

The beautiful all-original music and lyrics, performed live by Danielle Morgan and orchestra, convey powerful emotions that lead us to reflect on the true meaning of heroism, sacrifice and love – timeless themes still relevant today.