The Stag Theatre and Cinemas are safe and covid-secure

Thank you to everyone who has already been to see theatre shows and films at The Stag. We look forward to welcoming many more of you so that The Stag can once again stay open and survive in the long-term.

You can also help us stay open in the long-term by donating using the blue donate button on the home page. Do remember to add Gift Aid too so you get the Government to help us even more.

Please do remember:

     • All the seats in our cinemas, theatre and Plaza plus all the connecting areas have been deep cleaned and all seats and surfaces treated with a sanitisation shield which lasts for up to 30 days.

     • The Stag has a large air movement system which is a true fresh air system. It takes fresh air from the outside and moves it through each space (the theatre, cinemas, Plaza) separately and independently. This fresh air is removed back to the outside through the ceiling so the flow of air is automatically upwards and not drawn across other people.

     • All our tickets are printed with a dedicated QR code so we can check them without touching your paper tickets or phone screens.

     • Hand sanitiser is available and our hand washing facilities are regularly maintained. 

     • We have Perspex screens installed at all sale points

     • All our staff wear visors to assist the hard of hearing as well as to protect both us and our customers.

We have worked hard to make The Stag a welcoming and safe place to visit. We have deep cleaned all areas and we regularly apply a 30-day sanitisation spray to all surfaces. We protect our staff and our visitors with screens at the kiosk and box office and our staff wear face visors to assist the hard of hearing as well as protecting themselves and all customers. 

Each of our performance spaces are individually and separately ventilated. The Stag’s air handling system takes fresh air from the outside and passes it through each space – the theatre, Plaza and each cinema separately before drawing it outside again –  a true fresh air system matching Government advice for ventilation.

Our public spaces are cleaned regularly, we have staggered film and theatre start and finish times to reduce overcrowding.

We are very happy to welcome you back to see newly released films, special live performances from all over the World plus brilliant live shows at your local theatre cinema. 


Andrew Eyre

Chief Executive