Two and half hours of Pink Floyd’s music expertly recreated and a lavish light show, that’s the treat in store for Pink Floyd fans when the doors swing open for “I, Floyd’s” third performance at the Stag in Sevenoaks  on Saturday March 07. 
As anyone who’s seen the band in action will tell you, with singing and playing that could almost be the originals, “I, Floyd” is as close as it gets to the real thing.

All 8 members of “I, Floyd” are seasoned players and deliver an eclectic programme that is never the same twice.  Everyone’s favourites are there but interspersed with less familiar gems like Fat old sun and The final cut and more than double the usual number of songs featuring saxophone.   This is not your average Pink Floyd tribute band programme.

“I, Floyd” is no pub band; what you get is a full-on rock show.  Fans making it to the Sevenoaks gig will enjoy the best of stadium rock in their local venue.   

Performance: Saturday March 07, 8pm
Ticket Price: £15
A £2 administration fee is charged per sale

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