This year, the Blues with Bottle Club celebrates its 20th anniversary.
Blues with Bottle Club was founded by Doug Revell in 1994 at the Anchor, his local pub in Sevenoaks. It has weathered many storms and is now thriving. 

Tragically, Doug died of cancer in 2005. His wish was for the club to continue, so his family (wife Sue and daughter Emily) felt a responsibility to keep the music going. Initially, this was a rather sporadic arrangement but with help and support from a network of friends, promoters and musicians, they managed to get the club going again until eventually Sue began to gain a sufficient level of knowledge and confidence to enable her to build on the good foundations which had been laid.
Nowadays, she has diversified and the club is developing and spreading its wings in quite unforeseen ways.

Innovations during the second stage of the club’s life include the development of the website, as well as a regular weekly newsletter by email. Popular amongst musicians as a good venue with a responsive audience and friendly promoter there is a year-long waiting list for bookings. The most adventurous development has been the promotion of bigger gigs at the Stag, where the club has been staging regular events in the Stag Plaza. These have included acts such as Watermelon Slim, Brett Marvin and the Thunderbolts (Doug’s all-time favourite band), Buick 6 and The Spikedrivers amongst others. 

The club is now also bringing the blues to Tunbridge Wells, in the form of an occasional Friday Blues night at two venues.

Another exciting development has been the involvement of the club as a partner with Sevenoaks Area Mind, forming a local skiffle band specifically to include people with mental health issues. It has a broad remit, in that anyone can join the band with or without musical expertise, and with or without mental health issues. It’s free to anyone wishing to join and the purpose is to give participants an uplifting, creative and enjoyable experience making music, as well as challenging stigma through performances linked with mental health presentations.

Blues with Bottle Club returns to the Stag Plaza on Saturday September 27 with The Big Blue

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