Eastenders' Ricky Norwood and girl group Cleopatra head up this high energy panto cast at The Stag this year. Norwood is a natural entertainer who seems very comfortable with sharing banter with the audience and bouncing off the other members of the cast. His enthusiasm is infectious and a great addition to the show.


It is good to see 90s singers Cleopatra back performing with all three proving their singing, acting and performing talents. They brought a classy and sassy edge to their roles as the fairies. 


Jamie Wilson's script gives Jamie Papanicolaou the chance to transform from a bratty and hilarious young prince into a strong romantic lead. His versatile vocals give depth to a role which often has little room for development.


It was refreshing too to see Annie Holland's Princess having more opportunity for humour than other versions of the leading female love interest. Regardless of its bizarre inclusion in the show, the backstory with the characters as babies was very well executed and funny.


Good to see Jasette Amos back at The Stag, this time as the baddie Malevesis. A fairly small role in appearances but we were able to still enjoy her strong singing despite some obvious vocal strain during this performance.

Peter Brad-Leigh is a natural dame with plenty of accentuated faux feminine mannerisms. Richard Tate completes the principals as a hearty King.


The use of video projection was an excellent addition to the production, giving it a gaming quality and fresh approach to presenting pantomime.

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