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Outside the Box March
Live comedy is an experience like no other. Every live event will have a one off specialness about it that will only happen in that moment.
Dates & times
04/03/2015 20:00 book now
Sat 07 March 2015
I, Floyd play Pink Floyd
I, Floyd re-create the sounds and atmosphere of a live performance by
Dates & times
07/03/2015 20:00 book now
Sun 08 March 2015
Young Musician of the Year
Highly talented young instrumentalists from around the UK each give a fifteen minute recital to compete for the title of Sevenoaks Young Musician of the Year.
Dates & times
08/03/2015 10:00 book now
Sevenoaks District Drama Festival
When people come together, theatre comes alive!
Dates & times
08/03/2015 14:30 book now

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